Posted on: 2016-05-27 14:34:44
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Washing machine breakdown repairs Battersea

There are some problems that are very common with washing machines and it is essential for every owner to be aware of them so as to know what to do whenever they are faced with an issue with their machine. Washing machine repairs Battersea can be needed even without warning. You may wake up one morning only to realise that your machine won’t start regardless of what you try. When you check some of the simple things, you can be able to save yourself lots of money as well as time. It is important to do a diagnosis on your own first before you start making calls for repair. However, if you don’t feel too sure about where to begin or what you need to do, it never hurts to get an engineer to assist you. The common issue One of the common issues that lead people to seek washing machine repairs Battersea is when the washing machine is not spinning. Most of the issues related to failure to spin can be fixed quite easily. This is because the reasons of spinning issues could be how you are using the machine or faults that are relatively simple. When it’s not spinning, check whether the load is too small or too big. Modern machines come with balance sensors and they will often interpret the smaller loads as a risk because the machine can very possibly spin out of balance and lead to vibration ion excess, which could then cause damage or stress on the drum, bearing and the cabinet. To avoid this, do not load small loads or single items only. When too much laundry is involved, the same will happen. Also, the machine can fail to spin because it isn’t able to drain. This stops the spin because of the safety reasons involved. The pump has to be checked. Confirm that it is clear by looking at the fluff filter in case there is one. You can also disassemble and then check the pump at the very bottom of the machine.

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