Posted on: 2015-02-03 09:41:52
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Tips to unblock clogged drain

The blocked drain is a very frustrating thing to experience for everyone. However, despite being frustrating, it is also a very common plumbing issue that take place after frequent intervals. We Plumber Battersea, understand this thing and know the frustration faced by people. We offer services of our expert plumbers to unblock your drainage problem. However, we also know that calling the plumbing service only for unblocking your drain can be a costly thing while you can do it yourself. Doing so, you will save a lot of pounds that you can utilize in other needs.
To help our customer we offer few very important tips that you can follow and get the problem of your blocked drained solved, which are given below:
The first thing is you need to do is notice if there is some problem with your drainage. Sometime the bathtub or sink takes long to drain water, which means the problem is not big one and can be fixed.
In order to confirm the blockage, put a glove on your hand and take it inside the drain. However, if the drain is too small for your hand, you can simply put in a wire and check for the clog.
Fill your sink or bath tub with the sufficient amount of water. Now place the plumbing tool on the opening of the drain. Now you need to push in and out your plunger at least 5-6 times in order to unblock the clogged drain.
If the drain is still clogged, you need to repeat this step two to three times in order to achieve your goal.
Following the above mentioned easy yet extremely effective tips given by our expert Plumbers Battersea, you can save yourself a lot of pound along with good time.

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