Posted on: 2015-07-07 09:59:29
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Tips for Pipes

The problems of home plumbing can be easily avoided if homeowners take preventive measures and perform proper maintenance of their home. There are certain ways that can help you save from damaging of pipes.

Check for possible leakages
The smallest leak in your tap and pipes can create unmanageable flooding. The resulting destruction can be costly, so it is important to take care of all exterior walls, garages, crawl spaces and basements of the house, especially those areas that need protection. The pipes, which have no insulation and are in vulnerable conditions, are likely to crack and leak easily.
Insulation and draining of all outdoor taps and pipes of your house must be done before the winter, because water can get trapped due to which pipe can freeze, expand, and burst and then break and crack the pipes. Insulation and proper maintenance of these exterior pipes can help you avoid damages of plumbing pipes. Most of the time plumbing issue occurs due to the outdoor pipe but people always forget about the indoor pipes. Indoor pipes can be frozen in winter due to cold weather. Therefore, you have to open your cabinet to uncover your pipe; home heat can help to prevent plumbing issues therefore when you plan to go outside for an extended time set your interior temperature to 55 degree in Fahrenheit. This would prevent the pipe from serious damage when the outside temperature falls below 30-degree Fahrenheit.

Weatherproof areas
The next procedure is to check out those areas that have exposed plumbing like windows, doorways and fans. They should be checked in order to make sure that their seals are tight. If the seal is loose, it can be made accurate by caulking, also make sure to renovate the cracked windows that can make your room cold during winter.
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