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Helpful Plumbing Tips

The problems of home plumbing can be easily avoided if homeowners take preventive measures there are certain ways that can help you save from damaging of pipes. Our company Plumbers Battersea provides team of expert plumbers, which are always available to help the people.

While turning on water if the pipes of your home bang remember it is the time to add cushion and strap pipes to rubber layer.
While anchoring a pipe always make sure to leave space for pipe expansion.
Galvanized straps should never used on copper pipes.
During cold season keep your tap trickling. It will help to prevent the pipes from freezing.
During the cold season, point a heat lamp in the direction of exposed pipes it will help the freeze water in pipes to melt.
Un-insulated pipes of copper should be wrapping with form or newspaper .It is one of the most common proactive measures for frozen pipes.
If your water pipe freezes or start, leaking shut it off from the main valve. It leaking case it will help to avoid wasting of water and in frozen case, it will run the water from the tap that is located nearest to the pipe so it may be defrost.
If the shower head of your washroom is leaking than you must replace it with a washer. You can replace shower by loosening the collar using a tape-wrapped pliers.
If you feel water pressure is consistently, decreasing from your shower it is time to clean the head of your shower it can be done easily by dipping shower head 
in CLR solution.
Sometimes your toilet system makes noise due to defective ball cock or restricted water flow. It can be correct oiling the trip lever or by replacing ball cock assembly Prior to this shut off valve from main source flushing your toilet with empty tank.

Plumbers Battersea provides the service of professional plumbers at any time. Our plumbers are well educated and experienced.

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